Choosing the right Supplier for your “Home Improvement” can be a very difficult decision. One that would be made easier if the Supplier was recommended by a friend or relative or at least by someone you knew personally. Future Home can help with that decision by offering over 30 years experience coupled with the fact that we have taken every effort to select suppliers that have a proven track record to competitive prices, product quality and a high customer service.

In offering their product’s and services for you each supplier has agreed to the terms and conditions in our “customer charter”.



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Whether your are a trader, wholesaler, manufacturer, or installer,  register your details and receive requests for quotes for your desired product or service in your local area.

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To get discounts for every day DIY improvements such as carpets, furniture, wooden flooring, ceramic tiles, wallpaper & paints, curtains, window blinds, and much much more.

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Your Grant Voucher will be send to your Email address within 48 hours and can be used against the “home improvement” of your choice with any premier approved supplier.


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It must be used by the named home owner, at the named address, within 12 months from the date of issue. All instructions for use are clearly outlined on the paperwork.