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Future Home Improvements here in referred to as FHI


“The Contact” is the name, address and telephone number provided to the Supplier by FHI

“The Supplier” is the Home Improvement supplier providing a quote to the Contact.

“The Customer” is the contact entering into an agreement with the Supplier to have work undertaken.


FHI hereby agrees to provide the supplier with contacts interested in having work undertaken in the Supplier’s chosen product preference. The Supplier agrees to conduct itself at all times in a proper and moral and honest fashion in it’s dealings with contact’s and customer’s alike. The Supplier agrees that ALL contacts supplied by FHI are for the sole use of the supplier and will not be passed on to any party without FHI prior consent.


The Supplier agrees to communicate with contacts within 48 hours of the contacts details being provided by FHI. A contact will be deemed to be a potential customer, that has contacted FHI with a strong interest in having work undertaken in the Supplier’s chosen product preference.


It is acknowledged by the Supplier that all contacts will be followed up by FHI to determine the outcome of each contact provided to the Supplier.


At the outset ALL contacts are requested to submit a review to FHI on conclusion of dealings with the Supplier and particularly where work has been carried out by the Supplier on behalf of the customer. This information may be posted on our web site for other potential contacts & customers to see and used for decision making purposes.


The Supplier will advise FHI of any complaints made by a contact or customer to the Supplier. Failure to do so may reflect badly on the Supplier if said contact or customer summit’s a report to FHI prior to the Supplier doing so, advising of dissatisfaction with their dealing’s with the Supplier or work carried out by the Supplier. FHI will advise the Supplier in writing if it deems the Supplier to be in breach of disciplinary boundaries.


The Supplier in signing this agreement accepts the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement and agrees to adhere to all terms and conditions.




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