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About Wall Coatings
Textured or Smooth

Many options offer a finish to suit a vast range of problems. From clear applications for brick and sandstone buildings. To textured and smooth applications in a huge range of colours.


Many coatings will stop water penetration, yet allow walls to vent moisture. There a many alternatives on the market which will create a vapour barrier which prevents breathability.

Long Life

Many coatings will give an extended life of up to 5 times that of a good exterior paint. With life expectancy of up to 25 years or more. It is a better alternative to paint and roughcasting since it will come with a guarantee and invariably all other alternatives do not!

Better alternative to Roughcast

A good wall coating creates a water repellent barrier against the harsh British weather.

A good Wall coating will save money on expensive heating bills and help prevent against heat loss in your home.

Better alternative to Painting
Long Life

A good coating creates a water repellent barrier against the harsh British weather.

What you get at a glance!

Stops all types of damp.

Eliminate condensation in the home.

Cuts wind chill and lowers heating bills.

Eliminates the need to repaint every other year.

Compares to 5 or more paint jobs.

Available in any colour, including transparent.

A range of finishes, from smooth to coarse.

Suitable for ALL types of wall surface.

Fully protects your home against the weather.

Applied by skilled installation teams.

Long Life up to 25 years or more.

Walls fully repaired before application.

A guarantee period of 10 years or more.

Plus lots more!

Whether you are looking to solve a specific problem such as penetrating damp, cracked render, broken brickwork, or if you just want your house to look great, a good wall coating will help with all of these problems and more!

It is as easy as that. Put simply, it is the better alternative to painting or roughcasting your house and in many cases will be a similar price and possibly even cheaper than the other alternatives. A good wall coating will reduce upkeep costs and comes will a written guarantee for your “peace of mind”

Wall Coating verses the rest?
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Wall Coatings (explained)
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